life can really be an uphill battle...
or not
Feeling stressed, lost or confused? The “just talking remedy” can make all the difference. Together, the sessions can help to work through whatever situation you are in so you may find your own way through.

Are you finding yourself in a situation that is making you feel stressed, depressed, lost or confused?  Life is full of ups and downs and we all have our own ways of dealing with hard times.  But, it’s also OK to ask for a bit of help.

It may be valuable and effective to dedicate a time and space to solely focus on the issue causing the stress with a professional who is trained to listen without judgement and won’t try to tell you what you need or what you should do.

As your Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Keiko will engage in your world to explore together what is happening in your environment and also inside yourself. Often times, clients discover a dimension of themselves that they had never noticed and feel liberated just by understanding what exactly the issue is and what has been getting in the way of making things better. With more insight and a renewed sense of control, clients themselves often end up having clarity on the path they want to take.

who can benefit

While Keiko has the experience and skills to work with a wide range of issues including relationship issues, conflicts, self image issues, feeling anxious, depressed or isolated, Keiko has a particular interest in working with clients struggling with anger. Keiko believes that underneath the anger there is always a voice that is desperate to come out, and it is important to hear, embrace and attend to that voice.  With Keiko, you will have that chance to unravel that voice to fully understand its cause and explore ways to express that voice in a healthy and positive way.

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it can be hard being a teenager

Keiko also has a deep passion with working with young people. Do you have a teenager in your family that seems to be sad, angry, or lost? Keiko would love to meet them and help them to reflect on their lives and explore ways of getting to the where they want to get to in a way that in line with who they see themselves to be.

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