Keiko spent several years in the corporate world as a Team Leader in a call centre for global organisations. This is when she first started to believe in the power of listening. Listening was always the key to help staff members who were feeling low or unmotivated as well as to satisfy customers who were calling in at times in an extremely irate manner about a complaint they were adamant to raise.

After leaving the corporate world, Keiko wanted to explore ways of furthering the power of listening, but in a way it may help others in their wellbeing instead of aiming to reach productivity or sales goals in a corporate environment. Upon obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, she began to work as a counsellor in a organisation. During her tenure, she worked with clients with various issues including many clients who had been referred from Probation and Parole for mandated counselling in response to an offence they had committed. Many of these clients came unmotivated to change and were often times angry at the officer who arrested them, angry at the judicial system, angry at the world, and at times actually angry at themselves. It was often times a long process, but Keiko found it to be a truly rewarding and humbling to experience accompanying clients to work through their issues and regain motivation to change for a more positive life style.

Originally Keiko was born in Tokyo, Japan to Japanese parents and spent several years of her childhood in Canada and the USA due to her father’s work commitments. After returning to Japan for university and spending several years working in Japan, she came to Australia in 1996. She enjoys going to musical theatre in her spare time.


Bachelor of Arts in International Communication from International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan

Graduate Diploma in Counselling from Australian College of Applied Psychology

Provisional Clinical member of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia