how many sessions will I need?

It is completely up to you. Clients often say they immediately feel liberated and energised after the first session. However, it usually takes several sessions for that sense of liberation and energy to penetrate into your day to day life. For that reason, many clients choose to come every week/every fortnight over a period of a few months, several months, or even years. Some clients prefer to come for a few sessions every time something happens in their life. It really is up to what suits your schedule and what feels right for you.

To encourage you to start with three sessions, Keiko offers 40% discount off the third session. You can express your interest in this offer and book three session or start with one session and choose to come back for two more sessions within three months to receive this discount offer.

what if I don’t want to talk about something?

It is completely up to you want you want to share. If there is something you just don’t want to talk about, just leave it out! Considering the sessions will at times be about dark or painful feelings, sometimes clients will get to a point where the sessions are too much. Whilst it is valuable to work through this fear or pain, it is vital that the process is what you are ready for, and the sessions will always proceed at your pace. Keiko will never force or even encourage you to talk more about something that doesn’t feel right for you in the moment.

are the sessions really going to be confidential?

Yes, generally what you share with Keiko during the sessions is completely confidential. The exceptions is when Keiko feels there a concern for significant harm to yourself or any other person, in which case Keiko is obligated to report to the authorities.  Also, to comply with the standards of Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, Keiko is required to see a Supervisor that will indirectly supervise the sessions conducted. During these supervision sessions, Keiko may present your situation or parts of your story to the supervisor, but your name or any other factors that may disclose your identity will never be shared. Other than these factors, Keiko will never share anything that you have talked about with anyone.

if I am sending my son/daughter, do I get a report on what he/she talked about?

Whilst it is natural for you as the parent or caregiver to be concerned and want to know what your son/daughter said in the sessions, it is important for the sessions to be a confidential space for your son/daughter for them to be able to continue to explore and examine their lives on their terms. It is common for the teenager to begin to open up at home when he/she is ready to or wishes to invite the parent to join a session.

what are your fees?

$120 for each session(60 minutes)

$100 for sessions for teenagers(45 minutes)

40% off on the third session when completed within three months

do you have Medicate rebate?

Medicare rebate is not available